Check Presenters for Le Pain Quotidien

Bread Check Presenter

I created this check presenter for Le Pain Quotidien in early 2014. I owned the project from the initial concept and sketching to the photography and design to sending the artwork to printers. The idea behind the design was to focus 100% on the bread. The typography on the cover is made from actual dough, and was translated into six different languages to be used globally. The inside told the bread story and the offering, while the back focused on baking classes and the pantry. The final check presenter was translated and used in 10 different countries.

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Chocolate Check Presenter

I created this check presenter towards the end of 2014. It communicates the benefits of chocolate, the chocolate offering, and a quick recipe. I took all photographs used throughout the check presenter. The final artwork was used globally in Le Pain Quotidien restaurants.

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